A UI/UX makeover


10 weeks


GUI course

My Role:

IA, Wireframing, Visuals

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RIT uses an enterprise course website called MyCourses so professors can post readings, discussions, and grades. Students use it to read assignments, upload work, and see upcoming events.


But students miss deadlines because of poor hierarchy, no clear calls to action, and dense information architecture.


myCourses was designed with the system in mind, not the end user.

So I redesigned it.


The Research

I began the project with a survey among 25 students who addressed the most common problems. I had to work within the boundaries of the current Information Architecture, but I was able to add a couple features to improve the overall experience.


The results of the survey were very surprising! I had no idea so many students' grades had suffered due to this website.


Pain Points

In the survey, users complained most about the current calendar. They want a visual calendar that clearly shows due dates, different assignments, and information about them.

Pain Points

Only a few students wrote about the courses section of the homepage during the research survey. They felt that it was a waste of space, so I added pertinent information and spruced up the visual design.

Courses Annotations

The Style

I used lots of white space and rounded lines so the users (stressed college students) wouldn't feel overwhelmed.

Asap and Akagi Pro make a great type combination. Asap is rounded, humanistic and warm whereas Akagi Pro is a bit sharper, easily readable and great for large paragraphs.

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Final Deliverables

My work would most likely decrease the missed-deadline rate and make a much better learning experience.

Thanks for viewing!

Chris Locke © 2018

Chris Locke © 2018

Chris Locke © 2018