Walk on Mars.

THARSIS is an interactive exhibit where you can walk on Mars and complete a mission for NASA. Visitors get to learn about space and geology, then they can take home DIY resources so they can continue their mission



Our main goal was to reignite students’ passion for outer space and realize that a career in space-tech is a realistic goal, not just a childish dream.

Client:   Imagine RIT Festival 
Duration:   14 weeks
My Role:   Ideation, running meetings, Concepting, designing posters, 3D Designs, Animating, Presenting
My Role:

Ideation, Info. Architecture, Wireframing, Visual Design, Animating, Presenting

The exhibit uses 3D Holograms and interactive projection mapping to simulate a realistic Mars environment on the Tharsis region.


I made the floor for the projection mapping in Cinema 4D, but the amazing Becky Drexler made the UI animations.


I also managed the team, made the posters, the take-home holograms, 3D printed rocks and overlay animation (in the transparent LCD screen video), and 3D animations for the holograms.


You can see even more on our THARSIS RIT Instagram

Chris Locke © 2018

Chris Locke © 2018

Chris Locke © 2018

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